An Online Microscope

This is an embeddable microscope simulation that allows zooming and focusing on specimens. Currently available specimens:

Forewing of a fly.
The underside of a basil leaf. Shows stomata.
Reflected light microscope.
Dill flowers.
Reflected light microscope.


The controls are to the right of the image. The upper set adjusts the focus, while the lower set adjusts the magnification (zoom).


subject : The subject you look at. Note that since you can't always use spaces in url's you may need to use the special url encoded characters (see here), and the options are case sensitive.

Options (Case Sensitive):
-- Fly wing: A fly's wing. (default)
-- Basil u: The underside of a basil leaf.
-- Dill flowers: Flowers of a dill plant.

Is referenced as:

microscope.html?subject=Fly wing

mag : magnification level

-- min: minimum magnification (default)
-- max: maximum magnification
-- n: where n = 0, 1, 2... depending on the number of magnification levels. For example, to use a number for the magnification level, if there are 3 magnification levels for a specimen, then to start at the second level use mag=1.

Is referenced as:


zoom : Permit zooming in and out (i.e. changing the magnification).

-- yes: allow zooming in and out if images are available (default).
-- no: no zooming in and out.

Is referenced as:


image : If there are multiple images for a single magnification level, such as when there are different images for different focal distances, then you can specify the index of the one you want.

-- n: where n=0,1,2,...

The highest magnification of the fly's wing has several images. To get the third image use:


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