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Learn the mathematics associated with running a small business by starting and running a small business.



  • Reports: 60%
  • Quizzes: 20%
  • Exams: 20%

Course Outline

  • Identifying business opportunities
    • Report: Write a report proposing your business.
    • Products and service options
    • Getting a loan
      • Guest Speaker: Mr. Hardcastle
      • Quiz: Simple versus compound interest quiz.
  • Setting a price:
    • Report: Write a report on how you chose a price.
    • Product Cost:
      • Materials: Identifying the costs of all components going into your product/service.
      • Labor: Identifying the time required for design, production, and marketing your product/service, and the cost of that time.
    • Market Research:
      • Research the prices of comparable products/services to identify different price ranges to see where your product/service will fit.
    • Set a price for your product
  • Marketing
    • Write a report describing your marketing strategy.
    • How are you going to sell your product/services.
    • Guest Speaker: Mrs. Hahn
    • Marketing Options
      • Word of mouth
      • Online presence
      • Advertising: TV, Radio, Newspaper



To conduct an initial public offering (IPO) you need to:

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