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Project Ideas

Things I would like to have done (and we already have the funds for):

  • Shelving system (for Ikea tubs) like this only bigger.
    • Materials:
      • wood (School)
    • Equipment
      • miter saw
      • drill and driver
  • Greenhouse/Cold frames with vegetable boxes
    • More boxes like the ones we have: Cold Frames
    • Materials:
      • Wood (school)
      • plastic panels (school/salvaged from old greenhouse)
    • Note: Sturdier redesign might be helpful.
  • Hydroponic System:
    • Build: (possibly) a duplicate of John E.'s system.
      • Materials:
        • Wood (School)
        • Lights (School)
    • Program/Setup: the electronics (using a Raspberry Pi or Arduino) to automate
      • the filling and draining of an ebb and flow system
      • turning the lights on and off.
      • Materials:
        • Raspberry Pi (School)
        • hoses and pumps (School)
  • Small stools
    • Mini Stools you can sit on cross legged.
    • about 10 cm tall.
    • wooden
    • possible to upholster?

Creativity Interim (Spring 2018)

Project Team
Model Train Diorama Thomas
Basementnasium Mural Project AM: Elliott, Abby, John E., Zoe; PM: Elliott, Abby, Joe, Annemarie, Mary
Upholstered Stools Mary R., John S.
Lego Robot Daniel
Longboard Isaac, John S.
Kerak Board Carter
Photography Thing Ellie H., Stella
Shelf Rack Adam, Austin, George
Movie Jace, Max
Hydroponics Build John E.
Hydroponics Electronics Erin, Caleb
Makerspace Website Eve
3d Print Christmas Lights Kathryn
Advisory Food Sign-up Website Nicholas F.
Treehouse Christian, Adam, Austin, Gabe, George, Max, Jace


Master Plan

Makerspace Master Plan

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