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Fall 2016

Project Students (grade) Project Type Community Service/Individual
Raspberry Pi- doorinator (Tri-state-area Door Alarm) Erin and Emily (8) Robotics/Programming Community
Gagaball Pit: [1] Adam (8), George (7) Construction Community
Mini-Skate Park Thomas(8), Jace (8), Max (8) Design and Model Building Personal
Drum Jack (12) Construction Personal
Bike Ramp Lucas (9) Construction Personal
DIY "Yeti" Cooler Gabe (11) Construction Personal

Spring 2017

Project Students (grade) Project Type Community Service/Individual
Irrigation System (Raspberry Pi) Erin and Emily (8) Robotics Community
Robot Cat Toy CK (8) Robotics Personal
Bridges Adam (8), George (7), Austin (7), Max (8), Jace (8), Shawn (11) Construction Community
Basketball Returner Lexie and Carlie (7) Construction Personal
Chess Set Claire (8) 3d design and print Personal
3d Printing Pen Melissa (12) Art and physical design Personal
Pinapple Pin Board Abby (11) Design and Building Personal
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